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Urticariaday2016: Never give up!

The third urticaria day will again take place on October 1st. This year’s urticariaday is all about “never give up”. Urticaria is a disease which - with few exceptions - disappears at some point in life, however, it is a great challenge to stay strong and to never give up! In many patient cases it takes months or even years in order to figure out the triggers or to find an effective treatment. The urticaria day aims to encourage urticaria patients during this hard time to never give up and to get their lives under control again with the help of other patients and doctors. Encourage others! Write down how you managed to not give up, despite all challenges and share your experience with all patients at urticaria day. Inform others, how and where you found help so that other patients have the chance to receive early support and to avoid that they give up to soon. You can also upload your urticaria activity score results together with your experience report. The urticaria activity score (UAS) is a score, which shows the current severeness of your disease. It is calculated by using the “number of weals” and the “intensity of the itch”, which are documented in an urticaria calendar over a period of one week. The aim of every treatment is to keep the UAS as low as possible, 0 is the optimum score. We have provided this calendar for you as download for documentation and also as online version to calculate your scrore in order to share it with your experience report.

Furthermore, the Urticariaday is a great opportunity to raise awareness for urticaria among patients and their families, doctors, politicians, the press and the world. Broaden your own network through the world-wide urticaria community and you will receive support and help any time you need it. Just remember: you are not alone with your urticaria, even if it may sometimes feel that way!

Who are “we”? “We” are all of us! Patients, doctors, organizations, you and me. Each individual who participates in urticariaday2016 is part of the urticaria network. Help us to help you and other patients get your urticaria under control by telling others about Urticariaday2016. Use different kinds of social media to exchange information about Urticariaday on 1 October 2016: e.g. via Twitter or Facebook, with a “like“ or by sharing your experiences and your urticaria activity score with others.

Inspire others and create your own event! Why not throw an urticaria party or start a local self-help group? Perhaps you can even encourage your doctor to offer an urticaria training at their clinic for other doctors. Post your pictures and events here to ensure your own personal contribution to urticariaday2016 adds to the success of urticariaday2016.

Urticariaday2016 is proudly sponsored by GA²LEN and  inspired by Unev, the Urticaria Network e.V., the daab e.V. and many other organizations throughout the world that strive to improve conditions and treatment for patients with allergies and urticaria.

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